5 Week Class – Bracelet and Ring

Next 5-week Beginning Jewelry Class starts Tuesday, March 18th from 4-7 pm. We go for 5 consecutive Tuesday afternoons through April 15th.

In this class, you will make a cuff bracelet out of copper or brass, learning many ways to texture metal, saw-cutting, torch-annealing and forming metal. AND you will make a Sterling silver ring with a bezel set stone on it. If you have a cabochon you would like to set, bring it along, or I will have some for you. If this is your first bezel it should be a round or oval cabochon. A cabochon is a stone that is cut flat on the bottom and rounded and polished on top. We will fabricate a bezel box (this is the stone setting) to fit your stone and a ring band and then solder them together and polish, you will even stamp your ring with 925 to authenticate it as Sterling, heirloom quality! See images below.

The 5 week – Tuesday evening sessions, 3 hrs long (15 hrs instruction and studio time), course is $150 + 40 materials fee, total $190. This will include all materials and consumables you will need to make the 2 projects INCLUDING Sterling and fine silver for your ring! As well as copper or brass for your bracelet and sawblades, solder, flux, gasses, sandpaper, polishing compounds, metal cleaning chemicals, etc…

Workspace is mostly outside in my lovely garden, a great place to get creative, but not heated. Please dress for hanging out outside in the shade. If the weather is really crap, we can do a make up after the last week if we need to.

Contact me with any questions, when you’re ready to sign up and want to secure your spot, you can pay through paypal to:


Call me if you need to make other payment arrangements 720-984-6810

Registration and Cancellation Policies:

  • Students are not considered registered for a class/workshop until we receive full payment of tuition.
  • Students cancelling their registration must provide notice to us not less than 5 days prior to start date of the class or workshop. The Student will be charged a $35 cancellation fee.
  • In the event that a class does not meet the required number of students, we reserve the right to cancel the class/workshop 5 business days before the class/workshop. Students will be refunded the amount of their tuition, or if you prefer, we will hold the tuition as credit for a period of six months from the date of cancellation. Students will be notified of cancellations by phone.
  • Refunds are only given in the case that we must cancel a class/workshop. Students missing or dropping a class/workshop after its start date will not receive refunds or credits, or make-up dates.
  • A fee of $30 will be charged for each returned check.
textured anticlastic cuff

Made by a beginner in 3 hours. Skills include torch-annealing, roller-printing, saw cutting, anticlastic forming, polishing

Textured Cuff bracelet

Rollerprinted (student bought Sterling) with snakeskin. Anticlastic forming.

bezel set ring

Stone brought by student, set with fancy beaded wire!

eyeball bezel set ring

Student brought glass eyeball to set in ring