Drop in Workshops

Check out my little shop in paradise! No commitment, just RSVP before you come 720-984-6810 call or text. Try it once and get hooked, or just pop in when you can. $40 includes 3 hours instruction and help with project, AND some materials for what you need that day (sawblades, copper, brass, solder, sandpaper, etc. Some Sterling shapes available for the going rate I can get doing bulk, you pay just what I paid for it.)

Sundays, running through May 25th

Thursdays 11 am – 2 pm

Sundays 11 am – 2 pm

Located near 6th and Wadsworth, please message me for a map or directions.

Limited to 4, please remember to RSVP
720-984-6810 text or phone

See below for photos of projects and get an idea of how many sessions they might take, so you can plan your time wisely and design knowing what the possibilities are.
For example, the star ring in the main photo would take an absolute beginner 2-3 sessions to make (2 most likely).

Contact me with any questions

Metal includes what you will use that session, not enough to take home and cut/prepare more. My suppliers are easy to get to in the time between sessions though, If you should need supplies!

Tools we have:
Acetylene torches for annealing, soldering, casting
Lost wax casting for small pieces in bronze or sterling
Rolling mill, 3″ wide for “printing” texture on metal
drill press
flexible shaft machine
buffing/polishing equipment
anvil, vices, forming steaks and propane forge
MIG welder
lotsa hand tools!

We are outside, dress warm and be sure to RSVP and reserve your spot by the night before, if you can. We only have 4 slots and that way I can plan accordingly.

Sterling hammered and flared ring

1 -2 sessions, skills include torch annealing, hammering in texture, soldering and forming. This one is sterling, could do copper or brass too.

Forged copper bracelet

Beginning level can be done in 1 session. Skills include Annealing, forging with hammers to change shape, forming, soldering joints and bends and polishing. (braided leather was made later by student)


unique wide bracelet

This unique bracelet was made by a beginning student in 1 session. Skills include torch-annealing, forging, forming and polishing

textured anticlastic cuff

Made by a beginner in 1 session. Skills include torch-annealing, roller-printed, saw cutting, anticlastic forming, polishing

Textured copper earrings

Takes beginners 1 session, skills include torch annealing, roller-printing, saw cutting, wire work, liver of sulphur patina.