About Phryne Metal Jewelry

Pronounced like ‘Pride’, handmade with pride in Colorado

Phryne is original metal and mixed-media jewelry and body adornment by Pamela Webb. Unique designs for men and women who don’t want to look like everyone else. One of a kinds and limited editions, as well as custom work available.

My jewelry is inspired by nature as well as architecture and architectural metal work. I have always admired the architects who made the building fit in with the landscape, a site specific design, with the environment in mind. I design for the landscape of the body. Designs made for comfort and every day wear, as well as the conversational cocktail party ring and everything in between. Everything in my shop is handmade and heirloom quality. I use recycled materials when at all possible, even when they cost more.

Sterling and Druzy quartz ring

Sterling Silver and Druzy Quartz Ring

Most pieces are one of a kind or a limited edition of 2-200. All work is stamped with 925 for traditional sterling or with the flying unicorn logo for Argentium Sterling. I take great pride in making pieces that will last for generations with good care and a polishing cloth. All pieces are shipped gift wrapped with care and no paper receipt, so you can gift away!

I like to design for women and men, and I don’t feel that any of my designs are for either sex, specifically.

Phryne Metal is mostly metal with some mixed media thrown in for good measure!  I like to experiment too. So when I find a cool element that I want to incorporate with the metal work, I find a way to connect them, using rivets, bezel settings and very clear, strong, high quality resins. I only use the finest materials. I find cheaper materials to be annoying to use and more work in the long run and this is my business, so I only mess with the best!

It is possible to be a metalsmith and an environmentalist. I use at least 80% recycled sheet metal, wire, and casting grain from long time, well known, reputable sources. I recycle my own scrap metal in my castings, and with a reputable recycler to make more sheet metal, wire and casting grain. Metal is a material that can infinitely change it’s shape and has been extracted from the earth for thousands of years. It can become something new, over and over again, and there really is no reason to remove any more from our planet with toxic and ugly mining practices. Bits of it are always being tossed, and it is financially worthwhile for people to recycle, so I could have particles of lost pirate treasure, hundreds of years old, floating about in a skull pendant…


And, to our adaptive credit, we have used gemstones, extracted from the earth to study and learn how to grow our own gemstones in labs, like the crystal kits we got as kids. So there’s really no reason to dig any more of those up either. No mining, no slavery. The only blood on my hands is my own when I work way too late! I will happily recycle gemstones folks already have or use lab grown, but I never use CZs. They scratch and break too easily for me to even want to wear.

Photo by Matthew Novak

Photo by Matthew Novak

Come back often, and see what shows I may be participating in! I love to do craft fairs around Denver and Boulder, and show my more sculptural pieces in pop-up shops and galleries when I can.


A little history…

I have been teaching metalsmithing, sculpture, graphic design and darkroom photography to high school kids for the last 7 years, as well as a few beginning jewelry workshops in my home studio for friends and family. I love teaching, and look forward to many more years working with kids and adults. My students force me to try things I didn’t think would work and continue to discover how amazing this material really is. Workshops also force me to clean my studio!

Before this, I did graphic design for print advertising and spent nearly 10 years fabricating and installing architectural metalwork with my now husband, Will. We made railings, balconies, grand staircases, and the like (jewelry for buildings) using analog metalworking techniques like blacksmithing, brazing and welding, machining, and custom patinaes and finishes. Working with steel, stainless, bronze, aluminium and more with old school blacksmiths and artists was the reason I went to the Bay Area. I knew how to weld, and had built some very large scale sculptures, so I took my portfolio and moved to Oakland. I attended workshops with the California Blacksmithing Association and ABANA, and worked for 3 high end shops there as well as doing the occasional freelance repair or sculpture piece.

Hear one of my favorite kinetic sculpture/instruments here:

1996 25 foot kinetic waterwheel sculpture/musical instrument

1996 25 foot kinetic waterwheel sculpture/musical instrument

I did my BFA as well as my K-12 teaching licensure at Metropolitan State University in Denver, which is my home town. I continue to study, I am currently taking business classes and studio classes at Denver School of Metal Arts, and have studied with some incredible artists and teachers like Ira Sherman, John Fick (Academy of Art SF), Craig Write and Richard Sweetman, just to name a few.